‘Ethics as a Service’ – bringing Ethical AI from principle to practice

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The increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proliferated discussion on its ethical aspect. Everyone recognises that AI needs to be human-centric and special attention needs to be paid to minimise discrimination and other bad practices in AI. Many tools, frameworks and guidelines are being created to try and ensure this. However, there is a significant gap between the principle and actual implementation. 

A group of researchers have recently coined the term ‘Ethics as a Service’.  The term means the provision of ethical assistance, advice or guidance into AI development, use and design. Their academic paper ‘Ethics as a Service: a pragmatic operationalisation of AI Ethics’ argues that turning Ethics into a service will bring a company successful ethical outcomes as well as a full understanding of a given company’s products, a greater understanding of the company’s intentions and vision, and contribute to building trust with end-users by ensuring that the company benefits, rather than harms, society.  

 Find out more in the article on the ‘Digital Leaders’ website. 


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