European Commission and OECD join forces to monitor development of AI

The European Commission and the OECD have presented a joint global monitoring initiative of the development of AI in order to better respond to AI-related challenges, as well as opportunities. Through the Commission’s AI Watch and the OECD AI Policy Observatory (OECD.AI) the two parties will seek to share information on relevant policies and developments to harmonise their approaches.  Together they will create a repository of more than 300 AI policies and strategies from nearly 60 countries.

In support of their efforts, the OECD has also created a new online tool that tracks skills, research, as well as policies for AI. Their graph shows that many European countries are lacking in AI skills compared with global frontrunners, including India, China and the United States:

You can find the full story on the EU-OECD collaboration on the Commission’s website.

More on information on the OECD database can be found in an article from Science Business.        


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