John von Neumann Commemorative Year kicks off in Hungary

The John von Neumann Computer Society (Hungarian member of CEPIS, NJSZT) kicked off the activities of the von Neumann Commemorative Year on the Day of the Hungarian Informatics. This day commemorates the first announcement on starting the operation the first computer in the country. 

John von Neumann

Several activities took place throughout the day: 

  • a press event where NJSZT gave an overview on the largest events of the year dedicated to von Neumann, including exhibitions (professional and artworks), conferences, publishing books, conferences, informatics competitions at schools and universities and International Olympics of Informatics 2023 in Szeged, Hungary. 
  • a wreath-laying ceremony at the von Neumann statue in the Obuda University’s park, at the John von Neumann Faculty 
  • a professional conference on the topics that showcased von Neumann’s impact on the different areas of the science including:  
  • Neumann’s game and growth theory,  
  • the link between fuzzy logic research and the work of John von Neumann,  
  • from von Neumann processing to distributed deep machine learning,  
  • von Neumann and artificial intelligence today 

NJSZT invites CEPIS and its members societies to join in the celebration of the heritage of von Neumann. NJSZT are ready to share ideas, initiatives, artworks, etc. to help. 

NJSZT recommends “The Man from the Future: The Visionary Life of John von Neumann” by Ananyo Bhattacharya if you would like to learn more about von Neumann’s life and work.  

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