Why allyship from men to women in technology is so important

Why allyship from men to women in technology is so important

Across Europe less than 17% of tech positions are filled by women. Why? Lack of interest in a ‘male dominated’ subject/profession, lack of role models, cultural stereotypes, discrimination, unequal pay, work/life balance – the list is endless.

Therefore, to increase the number of women entering our industry, the support of our male colleagues is vital. Increasing diversity in our teams provides a more accurate representation of the end user, which equates to a better product and subsequently more sales.

Consequently, male allyship is a significant factor in successful culture change in tech teams or organisations as they need to lead the culture change, to create and maintain an inclusive environment. To achieve this, the men of our industry must understand the challenges and missed opportunities women are faced with constantly in tech, which is why the term “allyship” is earned and not given!

Gender equality in tech right from the planning to the final product can determine the success of product or the whole organisation, making it the smart, sensible, and right thing to do. Educating a largely male workforce on the importance of female presence in a tech team or organisation will take time, but women in tech often require male allies to achieve success in this industry. Hence why we need our male counterparts as trusted partners to ensure we are presented with equal opportunities and in turn erasing some of the factors as to why women are not interested in a career in tech in the first place!


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