1:1 advice sessions with our experts at Web Summit

If you’re going to attend Web Summit in Lisbon in November, don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to have a completely free 1:1 advice session with one of our highly qualified experts! Schedule a meeting with Petra Kotuliakova if you’re interested in learning how to attract more girls/women into tech. If you’re more concerned about retaining women in your tech workplace, Gillian Arnold FBCS is the person to talk to. Come talk to us if you want answers to questions like:

✔ How do I attract (senior) female talent to my tech positions?
✔ What can I do to ensure I am being fair and unbiased to my employees/colleagues?
✔ Is there anything a man can do to increase gender equality in tech?
✔How do we encourage young girls to pursue their interest in tech?
✔ Are quotas the right choice for achieving my objectives?
✔ Why all the fuss about women in tech in the first place? (This is a question that we would be particularly happy to be asked! )

Because we want to make a real impact, you will be able to benefit from up to 30 minutes of our experts’ time. This means, of course, that there will be a very limited amount of sessions, so don’t miss the opportunity!
Schedule your session with the experts via the Web Summit app, or by dropping us a message through DiversIT Charter LinkedIn!


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