How to Boost Your ESG Performance with DE&I

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria have become pivotal in assessing the sustainability and ethical impact of businesses all over the world. But in recent years there has been a cultural shift that brings a new urgency to ESG compliance that doesn’t end in the boardroom.

CEPIS suggests improvements on amendment to eIDAS regulation

CEPIS Legal and Security Issues expert group has produced a position paper on the version of the eIDAS regulation as published after the trilogue. It aims to provide a short analysis of the improvements in 3 problematic areas and the remaining deficiencies and corresponding open issues. It concludes with some proposals for improvements possible at this point in time.

Why CEPIS Welcomes Amendments to EU’s Rules Combatting Child Sexual Abuse

We are a step closer to protecting the rights of people in Europe to confidential and secure digital communication, after a committee in the European Parliament has amended the proposed new rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse, removing provisions that would have seen indiscriminate surveillance of the content of all communications. Explore our thoughts on the matter!


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