CEPIS website now fully compliant with Web Accessibility Directive

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The digital accessibility team of the University of Alcala de Henares (UAH) has verified the compliance of CEPIS web content with the standard EN 301-549, as of January 2022. EN 301 549 is a European standard for digital accessibility. It specifies requirements for information and communications technology to be accessible for people with disabilities. It sets requirements for public procurement of products and services in the European Union. 

This does not assure that all uploaded files are fully compliant with the standard, as this is dynamic content which may change according to the activity of the organisation. However, CEPIS staff has attended and successfully passed specific training on digital accessibility for content creators and maintainers, provided by the digital accessibility team of UAH, to generate trust on the maintenance of the accessibility of content in CEPIS website.  

CEPIS would like to thank the UAH Digital Accessibility expert team: Luis Fernandez-Sanz, Ines Lopez Baldominos and Vera Pospelova, for conducting the assessment and providing valuable guidelines.  

More Information and clarification can be found on the UAH Digital Accessibility page.  


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