Digital transformation

CoEU adopts ‘Chips Act’

The Council of the EU has adopted its position on the proposed regulation to establish a framework of measures to strengthen Europe’s semiconductor ecosystem, commonly referred to as the ‘Chips Act’.  The Chips Act addresses the current shortage of semiconductors in Europe, and the EU will aim to double its global market share in semiconductors …

European Parliament releases report on ‘Digitalisation and changes in the world of work’

The European Parliament has produced a study ‘Digitalisation and changes in the world of work’, which was published for its Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.   The aim is to decide on appropriate policies for mitigating risks of digitalisation for workers. The report finds that the diversity of tasks within jobs makes the risk of …

Ukraine joins Digital Europe programme

Ukraine has joined the Digital Europe programme and is the first country to conclude an association deal with the EU. The agreement will allow Ukrainian organisations to apply for funding and support for projects financed by the programme.

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