Most tech trends face talent shortage, report finds

The 2023 edition of the McKinsey Tech Trends report has been published, and, for the first time, it includes the aspect of talent, thus providing a valuable insight into the current job market situation.  

The report found that job postings that relate to the tech trends increased by 400,000 between 2021 and 2022, even though job postings declined by 13% globally. Unsurprisingly, generative AI was the fastest growing in terms of the number of jobs advertised. Generative AI is also the only addition to this year’s tech trends – the others remain the same as last year. Applies AI, even though it only grew by 6%, still accounts for the most job postings with more than 600,000 job postings. 

While most trends show a distinctly low talent supply, there are a few fields with a surplus talent, with remote sensing, molecular biology and graphic design being the ones with 4 or more profiles with the skill per job posting. Whereas if you are a next-generation software developer, work in aerospace industries or are an expert in regulatory compliance of generative AI, you might have 10 or more employers competing for your attention.  

There are 15 tech trends, grouped into 5 broader categories: AI, digital future, computing and connectivity, engineering, and sustainability. 

Explore the trends in detail on the McKinsey website. 


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