Cypriot Hackers’ success at the European Cybersecurity Competition

Cyprus hacker team sitting at their computers

The Cyprus Cybersecurity Team ranked 6th at the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) held in Prague, from September 28 to October 1,  2021. The result is considered very encouraging for the “Cypriot hackers” since Cyprus counts only its fourth participation in the event.

A total of 19 European countries and Canada participated in the competition, with young people from 14 to 26 years old. The groups included pupils, students, professionals as well as self-taught hackers, researchers and cybersecurity specialists.
The Cyprus Team won the impressions with the head of challenges of the competition, Jiří Bartušek, making special mention of the team’s participation. “It is difficult to say which country surprised me the most but I believe this is Cyprus. I expected from all the teams something better, something bigger but Cyprus was the country that achieved this”.
The ECSC competition is an initiative of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) and aims to identify new cybersecurity talents and encourage young people to pursue careers in relevant fields.  


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