European Commission Allocates €112 Million to New Technologies

The European Commission has recently initiated the solicitation of proposals as part of Horizon Europe’s 2023-2024 digital, industrial, and space work programme. This move underscores a dedicated focus on advancing research and innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum technologies. 

€65 million will be directed towards AI endeavours, with a substantial portion earmarked for pioneering projects aimed at revolutionising data integration and expanding the capabilities of large AI models. These initiatives aim to broaden the scope of AI applications across diverse sectors while reinforcing Europe’s prominence in AI research. 

Moreover, €40 million will be channelled into advancing cutting-edge quantum technologies, with a significant portion allocated for establishing a pan-European network of quantum gravimeters. This network will furnish high-precision gravity measurements essential for sectors like Earth observation and civil engineering. Additional funding will foster transnational cooperation to ensure the EU maintains its leadership in quantum technology globally. 

A further €7.5 million will be dedicated to initiatives promoting European values and prioritising human-centric digital transformation, alongside bolstering the EU’s influence in global ICT standardisation efforts. 

This strategic investment underscores the Commission’s commitment to driving technological innovation while upholding European principles and global competitiveness. 

Find out more on European Commission’s website. 


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