IAT holds conference on Education in the Light of IT

Rapidly developing transformative technologies not only facilitate human life in every field, but also increase the quality and efficiency of education with the unlimited opportunities they provide. Education and learning activities carried out with the support of digital transformation technologies in parallel with technological developments form the basis of student-oriented and rote-unlimited education. 

Conference organisers

The Informatics Association of Turkey (IAT) organised the “Education in the Light of Information Technologies Conference and Exhibition, BTIE’22” on June 20-21, 2022 in Ankara, Turkey. The main aim of the conference was to train qualified human resources and to discover how the latest developments in Information and Communication Technologies can relate to education and thus increase youth employment by equipping young people with relevant digital skills. During the conference academic and technological studies, seminars, success stories, panels, workshops, school / company participation took place, the solutions and contributions of information technologies to education for the training of qualified human resources with analytical thinking and digital skills were evaluated and the action plans that should be made in the education system for the digital Turkey journey were created with a common mind. 


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