Informatics for All Coalition Releases New Strategy

The Association for Computing Machinery’s Europe Council (ACM) and Informatics Europe have co-developed a new strategy, titled ‘Informatics for All: The Strategy’.

The strategy offers a comprehensive plan to establish informatics as a fundamental subject for students in Europe at all educational levels. The strategy was presented at a panel discussion with leading informatics educators, computer scientists, and European Commission leaders in Brussels on 15 March 2018. Furthermore, CEPIS’s Computing in Schools Chair, Robert McLaughlin, and CEPIS’s Secretary-General, Austeja Trinkunaite, attended the event and expressed their support for this initiative.

The strategy highlights the need to develop a two-tiered approach for establishing informatics in Europe’s educational systems. The first tier of the plan is to set informatics as a specialisation that is considered as a fundamental and independent subject. The second tier of the approach is to integrate informatics with other school subjects. However, more research is needed to determine the appropriate implementation of a full action plan. Furthermore, the coalition approached CEPIS to join as a partner to provide expertise and to help with the implementation of the strategy throughout Europe.


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