LivePerson Achieves DiversIT Charter Gold Certificate

LivePerson, a global leader in conversational AI, has recently been certified with the Gold level of the CEPIS DiversIT Charter. This certificate recognises organisations that excel in promoting gender equality within tech professions. The Gold Certificate represents the highest level of achievement and is a testament to LivePerson’s unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace. 

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A Milestone in Diversity and Inclusion 

The DiversIT Charter is designed to encourage IT companies to adopt comprehensive diversity and inclusion policies, especially to encourage attraction and retention of female tech talent. It provides a framework for assessment of the applicants’ current practices and strategies that promote a more inclusive culture. The Gold Certificate is awarded to those who meet rigorous criteria across various dimensions of diversity, including gender balance, equal opportunities, and supportive workplace policies. 

LivePerson’s journey towards this certification began with a thorough evaluation of its internal policies and practices. The company demonstrated outstanding performance in several key areas: 

  1. Gender Diversity: LivePerson has made significant strides in promoting gender balance within its workforce. The company boasts a high percentage of women in leadership positions and actively works to reduce the gender gap in tech roles. 
  1. Inclusive Recruitment: The organisation has implemented inclusive hiring practices that ensure equal opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds. This includes bias training for hiring managers and a commitment to diverse slates of candidate. 
  1. Supportive Workplace Policies: LivePerson offers a range of policies designed to support employees from all walks of life. These include flexible working arrangements, comprehensive parental leave policies, and initiatives to support mental health and well-being. 
  1. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): The company supports various ERGs that provide a platform for underrepresented groups to connect, share experiences, and influence company policies. These groups play a vital role in creating a sense of community and belonging within the organisation. 

Impact on the Industry 

LivePerson’s achievement serves as an inspiration to other companies in the tech sector. By setting a high standard for diversity and inclusion, LivePerson is helping to shape a more equitable industry. The company’s success demonstrates that prioritising inclusivity is not only the right thing to do but also contributes to better business outcomes. 

Catherine Goetz, Global Head of Inclusion Strategy at LivePerson, commented: “Championing women in tech is crucial because diversity fosters innovation, drives economic growth, and will help us shape a more equitable and inclusive future for everyone. We are honored to have achieved gold level recognition, and are very proud of the work our organisation is doing, alongside the members of CEPIS and the DiversIT Charter.”  

As the tech industry continues to evolve, the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces cannot be overstated. Companies that embrace these values are better positioned to attract top talent, drive innovation, and meet the needs of a diverse customer base. 

Looking Ahead 

With the Gold Certificate in hand, LivePerson is committed to continuing its journey towards even greater inclusivity. The company plans to build on its successes and explore new ways to support its diverse workforce. This includes ongoing training and development programmes, expanding its outreach to underrepresented communities, and continually assessing and improving its policies. 

In conclusion, LivePerson’s certification with the DiversIT Charter Gold Certificate is a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion. It stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when organisations prioritise these values and work towards creating a more inclusive tech industry. 


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