New Report Identifies Key Green Digital skills

In the face of multiple crises, there is a recognized consensus that focusing solely on economic growth without equal attention to environmental sustainability is shortsighted. The pervasive influence of digital technologies has accelerated societal changes, necessitating strategic preparations for a rapidly evolving world. The recent pandemic highlighted the importance of readiness for global shocks. The EU emphasizes the “Twin Transition” of digital and green initiatives to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, but there is a persistent challenge in developing the necessary skills. Huawei, AE4RIA, and UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub have published a report on “Twin Skills for the Twin Transition: Defining Green Digital Skills and Jobs”. It was developed in collaboration with ATHENA Research Centre, Sustainable Development Unit under AE4RIA, PwC, and with input from EIT Digital. 

This report concentrates on identifying new Green Digital Skills crucial for deploying net-zero technologies. It aims to guide the education sector in integrating these skills into curricula to meet industry demands. The report analyzes EU policies, reviews industrial sectors, and underscores the role of policymaking in promoting environmentally friendly business models. A novel classification model, utilizing the European Skills and Competences framework, identifies key green and digital skills. The report assesses the “Greenness and Digitalization” of occupations in the European labor market, revealing an increase in roles requiring both skills. It acknowledges the impact of the Agenda 2030 goals on shaping policies and strategic guidelines for future skills and occupations. To successfully implement the Green Digital Skills taxonomy, the report emphasizes the involvement of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems and universities. This approach is crucial for closing current skills gaps in digital and green fields


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