NJSzT Creates Exhibitions on IT History

As you may know, the John von Neumann Association (NJSzT), the CEPIS Member Society in Hungary, have a permanent exhibition on the history of information technology in Szeged, a big city in the countryside, which is considered one of the ten most valuable exhibitions in the world. They would be delighted if the other CEPIS member countries would visit the exhibition one day! NJSzT deems it important to preserve the relics of IT history that were once part of our lives. Continuing the same tradition, on the 8th of March NJSzT opened an exhibition on the history of digital culture in public education in a different small town, Túrkeve. As of May, the exhibition will be on display in their new exhibition space (currently being set up) at their headquarters in Budapest. The exhibition also has a dedicated website to support public education actors in digital culture – teachers and students – in this field of IT history. 

Another hot topic is talent management. At this time of year, the IT selection competitions and finals are taking place to decide who will go on to the world competitions and student Olympiads. NJSzT leads this process by organising the talent competitions in Hungary up to the secondary school age group, and the related talent workshops and coaching. 


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