NJSzT holds meetup on the digitalization of the fine arts

The John von Neumann Computer Society, Hungary, continues the series of online interactive discussions (meetups), which aim to explore the boundaries of the information technology and its effect on the society.  

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The February 2022 edition of the event covered a very topical issue: different aspects of the digital art from the first works to the non-fungible token (NFT). 

The discussion of the meetup involved topics like computer art, 3D prints and CAD generated results. 

The meetup also featured a presentation by a leader of a research lab and art collector who provided an overview of NFTs and the main trends.   

During that period, a solo exhibition of a Hungarian artist at the local Ludwig Museum also took place. This artist worked in West Germany in 1978 and his artifacts were created on a PDP 11/45 computer, one of the first attempts of computer art in Europe. A PDP 11/45 computer was also displayed on the exhibition as a contribution from Neumann Society’s IT History collection.  

The founder of local Contemporary Collectors’ Academy showed a huge, extremely detailed mosaic to oversee the wide categories and approaches of digital fine arts. 


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