Stay in Tech Conference — A deep dive into our speaker lineup

Our upcoming conference, ‘Stay in Tech! – Policies and practices for attracting and retaining female tech talent’, is fast approaching (14 May, Berlin, register here). We’re honoured to have a packed lineup of excellent speakers joining us in Berlin. Let’s explore some of the highlights of the speaker list in some more detail. 

Present Realities 

The conference will open with a session on the present realities of women in tech. A highlight of this will be a fireside chat on the topic of the lack of women in top tech leadership roles with Sabine Otholt and Selcan Ipek-Ugay

Sabine collaborates with strategic global thought-leaders to spearhead co-innovation programs aimed at driving cutting-edge innovations and shaping the future landscape of SAP products and services. Her role encompasses the oversight of strategic customer co-innovation councils and engagements focused on SAP S/4HANA.

In her capacity as the Head of S/4HANA Strategic Customer Innovation, Sabine strategically positions businesses for future success. She achieves this by articulating and evolving SAP’s vision for strategic direction to key decision-makers at the C-level in relevant industries. Simultaneously, Sabine establishes and nurtures long-term strategic partnerships, contributing to the sustained growth and innovation of the organization.

Selcan is a Professor of Computer Science and Data Science at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. She studied Medical Informatics at the Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg. During her doctorate in experimental radiology at Charité, her focus was on developing new non-invasive and image-based diagnostic systems to detect organ changes at an early stage. She has been involved in informatics teaching since 2017 at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, FU Berlin, HTW Berlin, and TDU Istanbul. At the same time, Selcan has taken on various activities in the non-university environment as a Software Developer, SCRUM Master, and Business Development Manager. 

Their combined perspectives from industry, academia, and a professional association, should make for an enlightening discussion. 

Problems and Solutions 

Our second session will move on to look at problems and solutions. To help us understand the problems that women in tech face, Gillian Arnold and Lisa Ihde will present on five key reasons for women leaving the tech workforce. 

Gillian Arnold is the Chair of CEPIS’s DiversIT initiative, Managing Director of Tectre, and Immediate Past President of the British Computer Society. Throughout her career, and continuing, she has championed women in STEM. Recognised for her diversity efforts, she features in the Computer Weekly ‘Women in IT Hall of Fame’. 

Lisa Ihde is a Technical Account Manager at Google and an author, as well as being a member of the ‘Forbes Under 30’ list. She champions diversity, leading programming workshops and promoting women’s visibility in tech through initiatives like the Equality Lounge and “Women in Tech” talks. 

Exploring the Future 

Finally, our last session will look at the future of women in tech, and how diversity can be retained and expanded in Europe’s tech workforce. Nikolaus von Peter will deliver a keynote speech on navigating Europe’s digital landscape. 

Nikolaus works for the European Commission in Germany, where he is responsible for digital, legal and home affairs policy issues. Previously, he worked in various positions for the Commission and the German Federal Government, including the Cabinet of the EU Commissioner for Transport and Mobility, the Federal Chancellery and the Federal Ministry of Finance. He is a lawyer and studied in Heidelberg, Paris and Cambridge. 


These are just some of the speakers who will be sharing their expertise and ideas with us in Berlin on May 14, not to mention high-level speakers in our exciting panel sessions including Bernd Holhaus, HR Director at Intel Magdeburg, Anjuli Mauer, Founder and CEO of People Pace, Christian Berg, CEO of Allbright Foundation, among others. Check out our full programme for more details. 


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