2020 Rolling Plan for EU ICT Standards released

2020 Rolling Plan for EU ICT Standards released

The European Commission has released the ‘Rolling Plan for ICT Standards 2020’, which updates the Commission’s strategy linked to ICT standardisation. This year’s Rolling Plan focuses on key enabling technologies: 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing, cybersecurity and data technologies, as they are essential for wider EU competitiveness. The activities related to digital skills are mentioned under the section ‘Societal Challenges’, which includes the work of CEN TC 428 and ITPE as a key stakeholder in supporting this work. The European e-Competence Framework is highlighted as needing regular updating due to the rapid pace of digital technology development.

The plan’s general recommendation on digital skills is that standardisation proposals must be based on well-defined market needs and be developed in full coherence with multi-stakeholder initiatives and public policies in this area.

The Rolling Plan for 2020 can be downloaded on the Commission’s website


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