Commission presents a ‘Path to the Digital Decade’

At the annual State of the Union address on 15 September, the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, proposed a new Path to the Digital Decade, which will comprise a concrete plan to achieve the digital transformation of the European economy by 2030. The proposed ‘Path’ will set up a governance framework to reach the 2030 Digital Decade targets at EU level and identify and implement large-scale digital projects. The governance framework will include: 

  • A structured, transparent and shared monitoring system based on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) to measure progress towards each of the 2030 targets and KPIs; 
  • An annual report on the ‘State of the Digital Decade’, in which the Commission will evaluate progress and provide recommendations for actions; 
  • Multiannual digital decade strategic roadmaps for each Member State, in which they will outline policies and measures in support of the 2030 targets; 
  • A structured annual framework to discuss and address areas of insufficient progress through recommendations and joint commitments between the Commission and the Member States; 
  • A mechanism to support the implementation of multi-country projects. 

Read the full story on the Commission’s website.  


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