Digital4Sustainability Project Launches Key Survey to Advance Twin Transition in Europe

The Digital4Sustainability project, of which CEPIS is an Associated Partner, has launched a comprehensive questionnaire aimed at accelerating the digital and sustainable transition across European industry.  

The Digital4Sustainability consortium is dedicated to leveraging Europe’s digital capabilities to foster sustainability. The project’s core focus is on the intersection of digitalisation and sustainability, emphasising the design, development, and deployment of innovative digital solutions that drive sustainable progress. A key objective is to promote the development of professional skills and roles essential for digital sustainability, thereby nurturing a skilled workforce prepared for the digital sustainability era. 

The newly launched survey plays a crucial role in this initiative. It aims to gather insights into the roles and skills needed to integrate digitalisation with sustainability effectively. Participants’ feedback will contribute to shaping a new Digital Sustainability Skills Strategy and the creation of specialised training programs for digital sustainability professionals. 

Designed to be completed in no more than fifteen minutes, the survey promises participants early access to the study results – the inaugural report on the current landscape of digital sustainability skills needs in Europe. Respondents can also express their interest in joining the Digital4Sustainability community, staying informed about project news, events, and progress, and participating in future project stages. 

The Digital4Sustainability project underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving a digital and sustainable future. By contributing to this survey, stakeholders can play an active role in defining and addressing the workforce needs essential for driving Europe’s twin transition forward. 


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