NJSzT holds 19th International Talent Search Application Competition

The John von Neumann Society (NJSZT), together with the Gymnasium of the town of Szekszárd, Hungary, organized the International Talent Search Application Competition. This year’s edition was dedicated to John von Neumann, and was held also in memory of Győző Kovács (1933-2012), a former Secretary General of NJSzT, who was born in Szekszárd. 

child demonstrating a scientific experiment

The competition is fundamentally different from the usual programming competitions: the goal is not only to solve and implement an algorithm, a solution, or an application, but to present your own products and ideas that reflect individual creativity. 

The participants were students of various ages from Hungary as well as from Transylvania and Vojvodina, including only Serbian-speaking children as well. At the end of March at the finals the selected students in two age groups presented a total of 52 projects in the categories of computer animation, user programs, game programs, computer-aided design and control of the constructed digital automaton. In addition to these, the contestants were also able to show off their skills in the field of computer graphics showing their work in a chamber exhibition. 


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