NJSzT Organises First Girls in ICT Day in Hungary

On 25 April 2024, the Jonh von Neumann Society (NJSzT), CEPIS Member Society in Hungary, organised the first “Girls in ICT Day 2024” workshop, together with Women4Cyber Hungary. The event took place in Szeged, in the cultural institution that hosts Neumann Society’s renowned IT history exhibition. The aim of Girls in ICT Day 2024 was to help girls in their IT career orientation. Onsite presentations were held by representatives of Neumann Society and Women4Cyber Hungary. In addition to the educational and career guidance elements, the focus was on playful learning, which students enjoyed both on site and in the digital space. 

The first presentation, hosted by a Neumann Society member Judit Talyigás, highlighted the female figures in the history of Hungarian computer science, showcasing several outstanding personalities. The lecture paid special attention to the work of Klára Dán, one of the first programmers of the world and wife of John von Neumann, and Rózsa Péter, who was the first Hungarian woman to be made an Academic Doctor of Mathematics.  After the lecture both women were honoured with commemorative representations as part of the event. 

The workshop also included an award ceremony for Neumann Society’s student competition on the topic of outstanding personalities of the computer science. First prize went to Esther Mackintosh, a 13-year-old student, for her artwork about the work and personality of Radia Perlman.  

The next lecture was about the mysteries of IT profession and the difficulties of being a female leader by Andrea Polereczki, founder of Women4Cyber Hungary. 

After the lectures, puzzles, games, and escape rooms, VR glass adventures awaited those who wanted to learn while having fun, both on site and in the digital space. 

With a total of 550 participants, Neumann Society strongly believes that these types of events are the way to show future generations the beauty of the IT profession and help them to enter this career or find their way to deeper areas of IT. 


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