EU Commission Launches AI Office to Lead AI Development and Regulation

The European Commission has launched the AI Office, aimed at promoting the development and use of AI while managing risks. The AI Office will implement the AI Act, focusing on general-purpose AI models, and position the EU as a leader in international AI discussions. 

The AI Office comprises several units: 

  1. Regulation and Compliance Unit: Ensures uniform application and enforcement of the AI Act, handles investigations and sanctions. 
  1. AI Safety Unit: Identifies and mitigates risks of general-purpose AI models, oversees evaluation and testing. 
  1. Excellence in AI and Robotics Unit: Supports and funds AI research and development, coordinates the GenAI4EU initiative. 
  1. AI for Societal Good Unit: Implements AI for beneficial uses like weather modeling and cancer diagnoses. 
  1. AI Innovation and Policy Coordination Unit: Executes the EU AI strategy, monitors trends, and stimulates AI uptake through various initiatives. 

Led by a Head of the AI Office and guided by scientific and international advisers, the office will employ over 140 staff, including technology specialists, lawyers, and economists. It will support the governance bodies in Member States and enforce rules for general-purpose AI models. Collaboration with AI developers, the scientific community, and stakeholders will ensure state-of-the-art practices and effective implementation. 

The AI Office will foster a trustworthy AI ecosystem, providing advice, access to testing facilities, and support for research and innovation. Initiatives like GenAI4EU will integrate EU-trained AI models into applications, stimulating investment. 

Strategically, the AI Office will enhance the EU’s international AI presence and become a global reference point. Organizational changes will be effective from June 16, with the first AI Board meeting by the end of June. Guidelines on AI system definitions and prohibitions are expected six months after the AI Act’s entry into force, with codes of practice for general-purpose AI models due in nine months. 

Read more on the European Commission’s website. 


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