EU Releases Guidelines for Responsible Generative AI Use in Research

The European Commission, along with European Research Area countries and other stakeholders, has released guidelines to promote the responsible use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the European research community.  

These guidelines emphasize the importance of considering limitations such as plagiarism, disclosure of sensitive information, and biases inherent in AI models. With the increasing adoption of generative AI across various domains, including science, these recommendations aim to address both opportunities and challenges while upholding principles of research integrity. The guidelines will be regularly updated based on feedback from the scientific community and stakeholders.  

Additionally, the EU’s new AI Act introduces specific regulations for general purpose AI models, including large generative AI models, to ensure transparency throughout the value chain. These regulations will be implemented through codes of practice overseen by the newly established AI Office. Furthermore, the AI Innovation Package launched in January 2024 includes financial support for generative AI projects and initiatives aimed at attracting, training, and retaining specialists in the field. 

Read more on the European Commission’s website. 


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