Reframe, retrain, redeploy: how to achieve more women in tech

McKinsey, a global consultancy firm, has published a new paper: ‘Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage’. This comprehensive report looks at all stages of female involvement in tech – from primary school to workforce. It identifies the main reasons of lack of women in tech, and proposes concrete actions to improve the situation. 

woman with a laptop

For example, improving flexibility at work, better retention, re-training candidates from outside the tech sector and providing more and better internship opportunities are listed among the important actions to be taken.  

The report also strongly recommends developing and implementing a strong, robust diversity, equality and inclusion strategy, with concrete KPIs, regular assessment and measurements. 

Finally, the report encourages companies to follow the example of tech companies (where gender parity is almost achieved) and enable their employees to learn on the job. It is especially important, given that women are very underrepresented in ‘deep tech’ roles, such as DevOps and cloud computing, which coincidentally are two of the fastest-growing areas. 

You can find the full report here.  


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