Breaking down the barriers for women working in tech in Europe

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CEPIS recently hosted an event to tackle the lack of women in tech in Europe, titled: “Gender equality in the IT workplace: breaking down the barriers”.

Gillian Arnold, Chair of CEPIS’ Women in IT group, explains: “Issues such as gender pay gap, stereotyping and unconscious bias are very much present in the European IT sector. Currently only approximately 20% of IT professionals in Europe are women. Women still face barriers in IT workplaces that men do not. Our DiversIT charter aims to help organisations embed diversity in their IT departments by committing to undertake activities which will help them progressively build support for women working in these roles. Great shining examples of ideas on how to attract more women into the tech sector were shared at our recent event.”

screenshot of speakers at an online meeting

The webinar on 26 November included speakers from industry, academia, non-governmental and public sector. The focus was on the challenges and opportunities related to breaking down barriers in gender gap in ICT professions. The full programme, list of speakers and the event recording is available on CEPIS website. If you would like to receive the event presentations, please contact the CEPIS Secretariat.

CEPIS held this event as part of their work on the DiversIT Charter, the programme for companies and organisations to recognise and further their efforts in increasing gender equality in their tech teams. The DiversIT Charter, which was developed by CEPIS’ Women in IT group, is open to organisations from across Europe, including the UK.


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