New Allied member: Aj Ty v IT

We are very pleased to announce that the Slovak NGO Aj Ty v IT (“You, too, in IT”) has recently joined the DiversIT Charter community as its first Allied member.

Aj ty v IT logo

Aj Ty v IT is one of the leading women in tech-oriented organisations in Slovakia. Its mission is to “help create an environment where ICT becomes accessible to all women”, and to break stereotypes about tech and women’s role in it. Their main activities include various forms of education and training. Aj Ty v IT works with all age groups: schoolchildren, teenagers and adults, with additional focus specifically on teachers.  

Gillian Arnold, the Chair of the DiversIT Charter, stated: “The expertise, knowledge and experience of Aj Ty v IT is extremely impressive. We are sure that our community will be enriched by the examples of their great work in Slovakia, which, hopefully, will inspire others to replicate them in their own countries.” 

Aj Ty v IT was established in 2012 with the aim of motivating and supporting girls and women in the information technology sector. The intention of the association, expressed by the motto “technology has no gender”, is to build a technologically equal society and make sure that women, rather than being marginalised, become an integral part of our shared technological future. Aj Ty v IT have trained over 34,000 women, young girls and teachers, and offered over 1500 online courses, workshops and academies. A particularly noteworthy achievement is that Aj Ty v IT have helped to increase the number of women in IT studies in Slovakia from 5% to 15%. Through its activities, the association disrupts social stereotypes about women’s involvement in IT, builds a community, and educates girls from the age of 8, to high school students, to adult women, for which it provides special professional career programmes. It also collaborates with IT faculties at universities.  

Veronika Pizano, the COO of Aj Ty v IT, said: “Being part of the network of organisations in the DiversIT Charter is an opportunity for us to share best practices, bring our insights on diversity and inclusion in organisations, and at the same time gain inspiration from other organisations.” 

Aj Ty v IT also organizes larger-scale events. The upcoming major event is the 2nd iteration of the Slovak Women in Tech conference, which will take place in Bratislava on 12 October 2023. This year’s theme is “Opportunity grows with courage”. 

Allied membership of the CEPIS DiversIT Charter is a way of participation and partnership available to organisations with similar aims and activities, as well as for businesses who are not ready to get certified with the Charter but are eager to explore ways of increasing gender equality in their own tech workforce. If your organisation is interested in becoming an Allied member, please contact us to receive the application form. 


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