CEPIS gives interview for EDSC feasibility study

On 22 March, the President of CEPIS Luis Fernandez-Sanz and Secretary General Jakub Christoph gave an in-depth interview for the European Digital Skills Certificate feasibility study. They presented the position of national informatics associations on the topic of a European-wide digital skills certificate as a recognition system for the existing certification programmes. 

CEPIS becomes partner at ALL DIGITAL Weeks

CEPIS has become a Strategic Partner at the 14th iteration of ALL DIGITAL Weeks, the annual digital inclusion and empowerment campaign involving centres, libraries, community centres, schools and other venues across Europe. The campaign will be supported by the European Commission will take place over 3 weeks from 17 April until 7 May.

German government proposes rights to access to more data for research

Recently, the German government submitted a proposal to the European Council in which an explicit right to access data for research of substantial public interest would be possible. This right would allow researchers to request access to data from companies, e.g. production data, sensor data, among others, some of which could be deemed ‘trade secrets’.

CEPIS R&D&I transversal action group launched

Following the Members’ suggestions for the new strategy, CEPIS has launched a series of actions related to research, development and innovation (R&D&I). This initiative is being led by the Member of the CEPIS Board of Directors Aida Omerovic.  

TrainDL: Introducing AI and Data Literacy in Schools

As students interact with data and AI technologies every day, they should learn how to both critically evaluate and effectively use them. But how can teachers convey competencies in these complex and constantly-changing fields?  TrainDL is a European education policy project funded by the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the German Informatics Society, with partners …

CCS concludes RE-EDUCO project event

The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Multiplier event for their Erasmus+ RE-EDUCO project. The RE-EDUCO project works towards the production, experimentation and sharing of new approaches and training methods in the field of digital culture.

NJSzT publishes von Neumann quotes album

The John von Neumann Computer Society (Hungarian member of CEPIS – NJSZT) , as part of the event series on occasion of 120th anniversary of its eponym – published a high-quality bilingual Hungarian-English book, which they would like to offer to the attention of their fellow CEPIS members. 

NJSzT interview with CEPIS President

The John von Neumann Association, the CEPIS Member from Hungary, recently interviewed the President of CEPIS Luis Fernandez-Sanz, in the context of John von Neumann’s 120th anniversary activities. Dr Fernandez-Sanz spoke about CEPIS plans for 2023, and the role of NJSzT in CEPIS. Please find here the link to the original interview (in Hungarian). You …

Join the CEPIS Informatics Education expert group

The CEPIS Informatics Education expert group (formerly Computing in Schools SIN) strives for the recognition of Informatics/Computer Science as a vital subject in school curricula. It recommends that Informatics should be included in compulsory school curricula like other subjects such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry, and thus provide students with the skills needed to participate in today’s increasingly digital society.

Reframe, retrain, redeploy: how to achieve more women in tech

McKinsey, a global consultancy firm, has published a new paper: ‘Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage’. This comprehensive report looks at all stages of female involvement in tech – from primary school to workforce. It identifies the main reasons of lack of women in tech, and proposes concrete actions to improve the situation. 

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